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The story of a NYU student struggling to survive in a world where the shoes are pricey, the IDs are fake, and straight men don't seem to exist.
Friday, May 24, 2002
I am now part of the workforce! A productive member of society, serving my country by producing and consuming in an endless cycle. I am also, unfortunately, spending my days editing pathology reports about "proliferative endometrium," "squamous cell carcinoma" and the like. I'm trying to work 30 hours a week, which means by the end of the summer I'll have paid off all my debts and have plenty of cash left over to play with. I'll even be able to afford numerous trips to the Seattle Film Festival! But for the moment, I'm financially screwed because I have no bank account here, I'm unable to deposit a check at Citibank to erase my overdraft, and my cell phone service has been suspended. Argh!

Thinking about the whole mess makes me want to go have a cigarette and mope, but since I've "quit" smoking, I'm not allowed. I've been bumming cigarettes once every day or two, which I don't think is too bad - by exerting massive amounts of self-control, I've kept myself from buying a pack. I noticed earlier today, when I was sneaking the one cigarette I allowed myself, that it doesn't seem quite normal any more. Maybe it's being in downtown Seattle instead of downtown Manhattan (there are no PEOPLE here!), or mabe it's my different schedule, but smoking doesn't come as naturally as it did a week ago. I'm quite conscious of every time I inhale and exhale, whereas I remember my cigarettes just disappearing and me thinking, "Oh, time for another one." Hopefully this is a step towards breaking the habit.

I feel sadly out of touch with my friends in New York, mainly because I can't call anyone now that my cell phone isn't working. My buddy list on AIM is pitifully short when I check it, which isn't often. I thought putting my computer down in the study and hooking it up to the network was a good idea, but not having it right there in my bedroom means that I don't use it often. I talked to Jane briefly last night after she got back frm Pop Rocks with Ricky, Alisha and Skye. I want to got ot Pop Rocks! Not fait! I think I'll call up Mieke and Jessica tonight to see if they want to explore the local nightlife. I could go to the Baltic Room, just in case Alan is still around...


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