...I Was A Teenage Fag-Hag

The story of a NYU student struggling to survive in a world where the shoes are pricey, the IDs are fake, and straight men don't seem to exist.
Tuesday, October 22, 2002
I have a huge, ever-growing crush on one of the RAs in my building, and it's driving me C-R-A-Z-Y! How does one go about approaching a semi-authority figure for a date? And is that girl I've seen him with (twice) his girlfriend or not? He was my friend Stephen's roommate last year, who promises that he's a really nice guy. Plus he's cute... Actually he's not that cute, I have no idea why I have such a thing for him. He's really tall, and he always has these bags under his eyes like he's tired all the time. For some reason it's very appealing. Anyway, this is a big deal for me because I rarely get "crushes" on people anymore. It's usually more a question of whether I want to get a guy into bed, and if I do, whether I can get him to buy me a drink first. So the fact that I'm getting all googly over a guy who's not even that hot in the first place is significant. Does this mean... (gasp!) that I want committment? Someone to call me "baby" and open stubborn spaghetti sauce bottles? And if so, would it be too much like high school to ask Stephen to set me up?


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